Tecnopoli Project

The "Technopolis" projects are a network of infrastructures for research and innovation focusing on industrial research and technology transfer.

The Technopolis are part of the Regional Operating Plan for the Emilia Romagna Region, funded by the European Regional Development Fund for 2007-2013, to consolidate the Regional High Technology Network.

The Programme Agreement between the Emilia Romagna Region, the University of Bologna and the Local Authorities of Romagna for participation in the implementation of the Technopolis includes the opening of seven new structures at the University of Bologna for industrial research and technology transfer in specific areas identified by the Region (Interdepartmental Centres for Industrial Research – CIRI).

Information relating to the Technopolis project can be found on the website reserved for University of Bologna staff.

List of Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Research - CIRI

CIRI Aerospace

CIRI Agrofood

CIRI Building and Construction

CIRI Renewable Resources, Environment, Sea and Energy – FRAME


CIRI Advanced Mechanics and Materials

CIRI Health Sciences and Technologies