Borrow, Reserve and Renew books

How to borrow, reserve and renew library books.

Borrow books

Enroll to the library to borrow books: at the circulation desk show ID card (or passport), tax code and Unibo badge.

  • UniBo users and external users: up to 5 items at a time for 30 days.
  • UniBo professors, researchers, PhD students, employees: 60 days loan.

Save time by loan requests

Login to online catalogue and submit loan requests (max 5): then pick them up at the circulation desk. See the instructions to request books [.pdf 301 KB].

Reserve books

Books already on loan can be reserved to the readers through online catalogue. An email will be send when the requested item is available. See the instructions to reserve books [.pdf 301 KB].

Renew books

How to renew books through online catalogue: see the instructions to renew books [.pdf 301 KB].

A book will not be renewed if:

Return books

The self-check out box is placed at the entrance of Palazzo Corradini (see Palazzo Corradini opening time).

Alternatively, books can be sent back to the library through postal service; if books are in overdue, loan will be suspended accordingly to library rules.

In case of books damaged or underlined borrowed items the library will ask for a refund.

Materials not available for loan

  • periodicals
  • ancient, rare and valuable books
  • encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries
  • special and archival collections
  • musical scores and geographical maps
  • items identified as "Document for internal consultation only" in the online catalogue