Student administration office - Ravenna

The Student administration office assists students with administrative matters throughout their university career.


Main activities supervised:

  • Management of student enrolment procedures;
  • Management of admission procedures to local and national numbered study courses;
  • Support for the management of tests for enrolment on study courses;
  • Management of career status changes: course passages and transfers, loss of student status, withdrawal from studies, suspensions, second degrees and shortening of the degree programme;
  • Management and controls on fees, overdue fees and refunds;
  • Management of career and study plans: recognition of CFU, recognition of internships and international mobility programme;
  • Support to Coordinators for credit recognition procedures and career management procedures in general;
  • Issue of valid certificates for foreign use;
  • Management and controls on profit examinations and the fulfilment of OFAs;
  • Management of graduation procedures: controls on career regularity and issue of authorization to take the degree examination;
  • Management of single learning activities;
  • Support for qualifying state examinations for the medical professions;
  • Student information, reception and counselling services;
  • Support for students in the use of online services.


For the admission requirements to the study programmes, the compilation of the study plan, the methods and deadlines for the final exam, refer to the specific pages of the respective course websites.


Student Administration Office

Person in charge: Simona Maria Lucia Marsico
Staff: Sara Rebecca Levi, Paolo Raineri, Rita Zavalloni, Elena Zoli


Via A. Baccarini 27, 48121 Ravenna

In presence desk is EXCLUSIVELY by appointment, to be agreed by email.
Reception days: Tuesday, Thursday

+39 051 2086317

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