Ravenna Campus

Accommodation and Residences

City of art treasures and seaside attractions, Ravenna is also renowned for its hospitality. In history it has welcomed such visitors as Dante, Lord Byron and Hermann Hesse.

Although Ravenna Campus does not offer accommodation service, you can find here below some useful tips to help you finding an accommodation in Ravenna:


Fondazione Flaminia

Fondazione Flaminia provides accommodation services for students. Their Call for Applications is usually out every year in July. For more detailed information and application deadlines, see:



Facebook Groups


Notice boards (bacheca)

Once you are in Ravenna, a useful option is to look for advertisements on the notice boards

  • Palazzo Corradini, Via Mariani, 5 Entrance hall, right-hand side - Conservazione dei Beni Culturali (Conservation of Cultural Heritage)
  • Via Oberdan, 1 Entrance hall on the ground floor - Giurisprudenza (Law)
  • Via Tombesi Dall'Ova, 55 Entrance hall, left-hand side - Ingegneria (Engineering Dept.)
  • Palazzo Santa Croce - Via Guaccimanni, 42 Near the vending machines (at the entrance hall go straight on, then turn right) at ground floor - Science for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage - SCoRe
  • Via Sant'Alberto, 163, Blocco aule in front of "Renzo Sartori" laboratory, in the entryway - Scienze Ambientali (Environmental Science)
  • Palazzo Verdi, Via Pasolini, 23 - at the reception - ground floor - International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage - I-CONTACT

Short term accommodation

Looking for a temporary hotel accommodation enabling you to settle down and search for the rest of your University stay once in Ravenna? 

Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche / I.A.T. Ravenna
Piazza San Francesco 7 - Ravenna

tel. +39 0544 482838



Just to give you an idea of the costs:
Usually a single room costs around 270-300 euro per month, a double room around 200-250 and one-roomed apartment will be 400-500 euro per month.



Please note: please be aware that in order to apply for the residence permit and to apply for ER.GO scholarship, you will need to submit a copy of accommodation lease contract.