How to register your tenancy agreement

Information for students of the University of Bologna who need to register a tenancy agreement.

Registering your tenancy agreement is very important: it is a legal requirement and – above all – it protects you in your dealings with your landlord or landlady.

You can register your tenancy agreement, or taking over of such an agreement, on the website of the Italian Revenue (Agenzia delle Entrate), with which the University of Bologna has made an agreement.

If you complete your tax return in Italy you will be entitled to income tax allowance for your tenancy payments.

If you need help you can contact the following Inland Revenue officers:

How to rent an accommodation and register your tenancy agreement

Read the Guide of Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency), which presents a range of contract types and explains how and why you should register your tenancy agreement.

Read the Agenzia delle Entrate tenancy guide