Short-term outsourcing on the Campuses of Cesena and Forlì

Published Procedure for short-term acquisition of ICT assistance/servicing and laboratory monitoring for Forlì Campus requirements (in Italian)
Presumable duration from 01/01/2014 to 30/06/2014 possibly renewable for another six months, with an estimated six-month work requirement of 3,400 hours.
Published Procedure for front office support service at the “R. Ruffilli” Centralised library (in Italian)
Presumable duration from 01/11/2013 to 31/10/2015 possibly renewable for another two years, with an estimated two-year work requirement of 3,614 hours.
Published Five things to know if you are looking for a job
When you apply for a job you should be as prepared and well-informed as possible. Here are five things that every HR department would like applicants to know.
Published Ongoing Guidance
The University offers counselling services and arranges initiatives and events useful for the educational path of its students.
Published Cover Letter: things to avoid
After highlighting the importance of a cover letter and reading some tips on what it should always include, let’s now see what you should avoid and look at the most common mistakes.
Published Cover letters: what to write
The advantage of including a cover letter is its simple structure, which frames the information contained in it, making it easy to read while highlighting its content.
Published Academic Guidance
The Academic Guidance Office offers valuable support when choosing your study programme. It is aimed at high school students, school leavers, those who are interested in degree-programme choice, and teachers responsible for secondary school guidance services.
This service facilitates the accomplishment of the experiences needed to complete the curriculum for students and graduates of the Forlì campus. It is done through the promotion and organisation of curricula internships in cooperation with affiliated partners and educational structures based in Forlì. Besides, in favour of the Cesena e Forlì Campus, the office develops and deepens its relations with firms, local authorities and associations present on the territory of the two Campuses, in order to facilitate the entry of the students in the labour market.
Published Informative Point ER.GO
A desk dedicated to the students who want information about benefits granted by the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education.
Published China Desk at Forlì Campus
The China desk provides information and supports the Chinese students enrolled in a degree course at Forlì Campus.
Published Telephone interview: how to prepare
Sooner or later in your career, you might have to face a telephone interview. Here are some tips to make the best of it.
Published Guidelines for active job searches
On this page you can find useful thoughts and tips on how to plan your career effectively and make the most of the opportunities available to you. Find out how to enhance your skills by writing an interesting, labour market-oriented CV and motivation letter and how to get ready for the selection process! SelfMkt tools: CV and cover letter Selection process Soft Skills Active search
Published Professional guidance
The University provides new graduates and near-graduates with tools and services to strategically plan their professional careers and to join the labour market. The goal of this service is to increase and improve the skills of each applicant, enabling him/her to enter the labour market strategically and efficiently.
Published Tools for orientation
Tools to learn more about Unibo If you are still attending secondary school, this is the right page for you! Below are a few links that can help you get settled once enrolled at the University of Bologna.
Published Cover letters: do companies read cover letters?
Failing to send a cover letter with your CV can be self-defeating. Your application is less likely to catch the attention of the hiring manager and you risk being soon forgotten.