Cesena Campus

Psych tests

Collections, use and regulation

In accordance with the rules in force relating the copyright, with the principles of the Code of Ethics for the Psychologist, and with the ethical and professional standards internationally agreed, the use of the tests is allowed only for educated and qualified people, and it's subject to the following rules:

- the tests cannot be loaned, but only can be consulted on the premises
- the tests cannot be administered
- the tests cannot be copied without publishers prior written approval
- for persons not registered with the Board of Psychologists or with the Board of Physicians the test consultation form must be countersigned by a professor of the Department of Psychology

The consultation of the tests is allowed for:
- professors of the Department of Psychology: in order to carrying out their teaching
- students: filling in the form, then countersigned by a professor of the Department of Psychology
- practitioners: filling in the form, and provinding the certification card and an identity card

In order to consult the tests owned by the Department of Psychology Library in Bologna please see the list in the Attachments.
In order to find the tests owned in our library please connect to our OPAC, click on "Altri campi" and then write "test psicologici" in the "Soggetto" field.