Cesena Campus

Central Library "Leon Battista Alberti"

For the Covid-19 contagion containment measures, the seats in the study rooms has halved. Besides, every one must:
- wear the face mask
- sanitize his/her own hands
- maintain the distance of one meter from each other
- stick to the signs.
Lastly, each person in the library will be traced.

The Cesena Campus Central Library is formed in 2018; it is divided in three sections located in Cesena and one in Cesenatico.
The function of the Central Library is to provide teaching and research support to both University of Bologna and walk-in users, and to enhance the university's repository of knowledge with a wide range of specialised services.
The Central Library provides bibliographic information, a loan and interlibrary loan service, a document supply service, online consultation and user training services, purchase and processing of bibliographic equipment.

The specific services offered by your section, and its opening hours and contacts, are listed below.

Cesena Campus Library Sections
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