Dichiarazione di Valore ("Declaration of Value")

The declaration of value is a an information document describing the qualification awarded to a given person by an institution belonging to an education system other than the Italian system. It is used by the competent University offices to assess the qualification for the purposes of admission to a degree programme or for the recognition of the foreign qualification.

It generally contains the following information:

  • legal status and nature of the issuing institution;
  • access requirements for the programme leading to the qualification;
  • legal duration of the study programme and/or overall commitment required of the student in terms of credits or hours;
  • value of the qualification in the system/country it was issued by, for academic and/or professional purposes.

The declaration of value is an official document issued by the Italian Embassy in the country in which the qualification was issued.

If the qualification was issued in a country in which the legislation provides for legalization, the Italian Embassy issues the declaration of value only after the qualification has been legalized by the competent authorities in that country (for further information visit the MIUR website).

Important: if the qualification is issued by a school with a system that differs from that in force in the place of residence (for example, Swiss student studying in a school under the British system in Switzerland) or place of study of the candidate (e.g. Swiss student studying in Kenya in a school under the British system) the declaration of value and legalization must be requested from the Italian Embassy in the country of the system to which the school issuing the qualification refers (in both of the above cases: the Italian General Consulate in London).

Cases when a declaration of value is not required

A declaration of value is not required for International Baccalaureate (IB) Diplomas and for Advanced Placements (APs).

The declaration of value can be substituted by a Diploma Supplement, based on the European Commission form, for academic qualifications awarded by institutions in countries in the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process).

The declaration of value can also be substituted by attestations issued by ENIC-NARIC centres that contain all the information given in the Declaration of Value, which are necessary for the evaluation of the degree.

Important: if you submit a Diploma Supplement for admission to a second cycle degree, you are not required to submit the certificate listing the exams or the syllabus.