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Giulia Tabanelli

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/16 Agricultural Microbiology


Patrignani, Francesca; Montanari, Chiara; Serrazanetti, Diana I.; Braschi, Giacomo; Vernocchi, Pamela; Tabanelli, Giulia; Parpinello, Giuseppina P.; Versari, Andrea; Gardini, Fausto; Lanciotti, Rosalba, Characterisation of yeast microbiota, chemical and sensory properties of organic and biodynamic Sangiovese red wines, «ANNALS OF MICROBIOLOGY», 2017, 67, pp. 99 - 109 [Scientific article]

Tabanelli, Giulia; Montanari, Chiara; Gardini, Aldo; Maffei, M.; Prioli, C.; Gardini, Fausto, Environmental Factors Affecting Escherichia coli Concentrations in Striped Venus Clam (Chamelea gallina L.) Harvested in the North Adriatic Sea, «JOURNAL OF FOOD PROTECTION», 2017, 80, pp. 1429 - 1435 [Scientific article]

Raimondi, Stefano; Amaretti, Alberto; Rossi, Maddalena; Fall, Papa Abdoulaye; Tabanelli, Giulia; Gardini, Fausto; Montanari, Chiara, Evolution of microbial community and chemical properties of a sourdough during the production of Colomba, an Italian sweet leavened baked product, «LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE», 2017, 86, pp. 31 - 39 [Scientific article]

Bargossi, E.; Tabanelli, G; Montanari, C.; Gatto, V.; Chinnici, F.; Gardini, F.; Torriani, S., Growth, biogenic amine production and tyrDC transcription of Enterococcus faecalis in synthetic medium containing defined amino acid concentrations, «JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY», 2017, 122, pp. 1078 - 1091 [Scientific article]

Zotta, T.; Tabanelli, G.; Montanari, C.; Ianniello, R. G.; Parente, E.; Gardini, F.; Ricciardi, A., Tween 80 and respiratory growth affect metabolite production and membrane fatty acids in Lactobacillus casei N87, «JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY», 2017, 122, pp. 759 - 769 [Scientific article]

Montanari, Chiara; Bargossi, Eleonora; Gardini, Aldo; Lanciotti, Rosalba; Magnani, Rudy; Gardini, Fausto; Tabanelli, Giulia, Correlation between volatile profiles of Italian fermented sausages and their size and starter culture, «FOOD CHEMISTRY», 2016, 192, Article number: 17858 , pp. 736 - 744 [Scientific article]

Montanari, Chiara; Tabanelli, Giulia, Innovazione attraverso la tradizione. Le eccellenze alimentari in Emilia-Romagna nel caso della produzione di insaccati, Faenza (RA), Studioin3 Soc. Coop., 2016, pp. 95 . [Research monograph]

Tabanelli, Giulia; Bargossi, Eleonora; Gardini, Aldo; Lanciotti, Rosalba; Magnani, Rudy; Gardini, Fausto; Montanari, Chiara, Physico-chemical and microbiological characterisation of Italian fermented sausages in relation to their size, «JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE», 2016, 96, pp. 2773 - 2781 [Scientific article]

Sharifi Rad, J; Mnayer, D; Tabanelli, Giulia; Stojanović Radić, Z. Z; Sharifi Rad, M; Yousaf, Z; Vallone, L; Setzer, W. N; Iriti, M., Plants of the genus Allium as antibacterial agents: From tradition to pharmacy, «CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY», 2016, 62, pp. 57 - 68 [Scientific article]

Tabanelli, Giulia; Verardo, Vito; Pasini, Federica; Cavina, P.; Lanciotti, Rosalba; Caboni, Maria; Gardini, Fausto; Montanari, Chiara, Survival of the functional yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus B0399 in fermented milk with added sorbic acid, «JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE», 2016, 99, pp. 120 - 129 [Scientific article]

Gardini, Fausto; Özogul, Yesim; Suzzi, Giovanna; Tabanelli, Giulia; Özogul, Fatih, Technological factors affecting biogenic amine content in foods: A review, «FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY», 2016, 7, Article number: 1218 , pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]Open Access

Gatto, Veronica; Tabanelli, Giulia; Montanari, Chiara; Prodomi, Valentina; Bargossi, Eleonora; Torriani, Sandra; Gardini, Fausto, Tyrosine decarboxylase activity of Enterococcus mundtii: new insights into phenotypic and genetic aspects, «MICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2016, 9, pp. 801 - 813 [Scientific article]Open Access

Coloretti, Fabio; Grazia, Luigi; Gardini, Fausto; Lanciotti, Rosalba; Montanari, Chiara; Tabanelli, Giulia; Chiavari, Cristiana, A procedure for the sensory evaluation of Salama da sugo, a typical fermented sausage produced in the Emilia Romagna Region, Italy, «JOURNAL OF THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURE», 2015, 95, pp. 1047 - 1054 [Scientific article]

Sado Kamdem, Sylvain Leroy; Belletti, Nicoletta; Tchoumbougnang, François; Essia-Ngang, Jean Justin; Montanari, Chiara; Tabanelli, Giulia; Lanciotti, Rosalba; Gardini, Fausto, Effect of mild heat treatments on the antimicrobial activity of essential oils of Curcuma longa, Xylopia aethiopica, Zanthoxylum xanthoxyloides and Zanthoxylum leprieurii against Salmonella enteritidis, «JOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL RESEARCH», 2015, 27, pp. 52 - 60 [Scientific article]

Tabanelli, Giulia; Vernocchi, Pamela; Patrignani, Francesca; Del Chierico, Federica; Putignani, Lorenza; Vinderola, Gabriel; Reinheimer, Jorge A.; Gardini, Fausto; Lanciotti Rosalba, Effects of sub-lethal high-pressure homogenization treatment on the outermost cellular structures and the volatile-molecule profiles of two strains of probiotic lactobacilli, «FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY», 2015, 6, Article number: 1006 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

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