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Giulia Tabanelli

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/16 Agricultural Microbiology


Keywords: Lactic acid bacteria Biogenic amines Fermented foods Thermal treatments Essential oils Starter cultures Bio-protective cultures

Principal fields of investigation:

  • Use of predictive microbiology to evaluate the microbial stability of foods in relation to the control factors applied. In particular, models for growth description, models for inactivation and probabilistic models were studied;
  • Evaluation of the effects of fermentation processes on quality and safety of fermented foods;
  • Study and characterization of fermented foods obtained by different ingredients or different starter cultures: analysis of microbial populations, biogenic amines content and aroma profile.
  • Study and characterization of fermented foods obtained by spontaneous fermentations or different starter cultures aimed to the selection of autochthonous starter microorganisms and to highlight the role of non-starter microorganisms in the production and maturation.
  • Biogenic amines production in fermented products in relation to process conditions and the use of specific microorganisms for the reduction of these substances
  • Study of antimicrobial properties of natural compounds (i.e. essential oils and their components), also in combination with other treatments (i.e. mild thermal treatments) and their potential application in foods;
  • Study ofthe effect of high pressure homogenization (HPH) on the viability and on the functional properties of probiotic strains “in vitro”;
  • Study of high pressure homogenization as alternative to thermal treatment for microbial inactivation
  • Investigation of physiological responses of microorganisms subjected to sub-lethal stress conditions (thermal treatment, pressure, natural antimicrobial compounds);

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