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Fabio Fava

Full Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: CHIM/11 Chemistry and Biotechnology of Fermentation


Coordination of a Research Project: AGER Project (grant-making foundations), chiamate per idee ENOLOGIA “Valorizzazione dei sottoprodotti e dei residui di vinificazione tramite estrazione e produzione di molecole ad alto valore aggiunto”.

Coordination of a Research Project: Integrated Biotechnological Solutions for Combating Marine Oil Spills.

Coordination of a Research Project: New Advances in the integrated Management of food processing wAste in India and Europe: use of Sustainable Technologies for the Exploitation of byproducts into new foods and feeds.

Coordination of a Research Project: New BIOtechnologiCaL approaches for biodegrading and promoting the environmEntal biotrAnsformation of syNthetic polymeric materials.

Coordination of a Research Project: Progetto EU FP7-KBBE-2010-4 ID. 265669 “ECOBIOCAP” (Ecoefficient Biodegradable Composite Advanced Packaging).

Coordination of a Research Project: Progetto EU FP7-KBBE-2010-4 ID. 265946 “MINOTAURUS” (Microorganisms and enzyme Immobilization: NOvel Techniques and Approaches for Upgraded Remediation of Underground, wastewater and Soil).

Coordination of a Research Project: Progetto EU FP7-KBBE-2012-6 – single stage ID. 311933 “Water4Crops” (Integrating bio-treated wastewater with enhanced water use efficiency to support the Green Economy in EU and India).

Coordination of a Research Project: Unravelling and exploiting Mediterranean Sea microbial diversity and ecology for Xenobiotics’ and pollutants’ clean up.

Baharak Hosseinkhani; Andrea Nuzzo; Giulio Zanaroli; Fabio Fava; Nico Boon, Assessment of catalytic dechlorination activity of suspended and immobilized bio-Pd NPs in different marine conditions, «APPLIED CATALYSIS. B, ENVIRONMENTAL», 2015, 168-169, pp. 62 - 67 [Scientific article]

Mauro Majone; Roberta Verdini; Federico Aulenta; Simona Rossetti; Valter Tandoi; Nicolas Kalogerakis; Spiros Agathos; Sebastià Puig; Giulio Zanaroli; Fabio Fava, In situ groundwater and sediment bioremediation: barriers and perspectives at European contaminated sites, «NEW BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2015, 32, Article number: S1871678414000247 , pp. 133 - 146 [Scientific article]Open Access

D. Frascari; D. Pinelli; G. Zanaroli; F. Fava, Packed bed reactors (PBRs) to treat chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons via aerobic cometabolism as pump & treat technology, in: Immobilized Biocatalysts for Bioremediation of Groundwater and Wastewater, London, IWA Publishing, 2015, pp. 107 - 123 [Chapter or essay]

Martinez G.; Bertin L.; Scoma A.; Rebecchi S.; Braunegg G.; Fava F., Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates from dephenolised and fermented olive mill wastewaters by employing a pure culture of Cupriavidus necator, «BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL», 2015, 97, pp. 92 - 100 [Scientific article]

Nicolas Kalogerakis; Johanne Arff; Ibrahim M. Banat; Ole Jacob Broch; Daniele Daffonchio; Torgeir Edvardsen; Harkaitz Eguiraun; Laura Giuliano; Aleksander Handå; Karmele López-de-Ipiña; Ionan Marigomez; Iciar Martinez; Gunvor Øie; Fernando Rojo; Jorunn Skjermo; Giulio Zanaroli; Fabio Fava, The role of environmental biotechnology in exploring, exploiting, monitoring, preserving, protecting and decontaminating the marine environment, «NEW BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2015, 32, Article number: S1871678414000326 , pp. 157 - 167 [Scientific article]Open Access

Scoma A.; Durante L.; Bertin L.; Fava F., Acclimation to hypoxia in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: Can biophotolysis be the major trigger for long-term H2 production?, «NEW PHYTOLOGIST», 2014, 204, pp. 890 - 900 [Scientific article]

Sciubba L.; Bertin L.; Todaro D.; Bettini C.; Fava F.; Di Gioia D., Biodegradation of low-ethoxylated nonylphenols in a bioreactor packed with a new ceramic support (Vukopor ® S10), «ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL», 2014, 21, pp. 3241 - 3253 [Scientific article]

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