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Fabio Fava

Full Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: CHIM/11 Chemistry and Biotechnology of Fermentation


Keywords: Biotech production of flavors Biotech production of biochemicals and biofuels Bioremediation of contaminated soils and sediments production of microbial polymers Biofilm reactors Strategic agendas and policies sustaining Bioeconomy

Main ongoing research projects

•         Development and assessment of non-conventional bioreactors (i.e., packed-bed biofilm reactors) for the decontamination of industrial wastewaters contaminated by chemical surfactants, phenols or PCBs;


•         Development and assessment of innovative strategies and reactor configurations (solid and semisolid-phase reactors) for the bioremediation of soils contaminated by PCBs and hydrocarbons;


•         Detection and characterization of microbial degradation processes vs. chloro-organics in progress in situ in anaerobic soils and sediments;


•         Development and assessment of innovative biotechnological processes for the biogasification (with CH4 and/or H2 production) of agro-industrial effluents, wastes and surplus;


•         Development and characterization of new biocatalysts for the production of “fine chemicals”, such as bio-vanillin, from agrochemical residues and surplus and development and assessment of different bioreactor systems for exploiting their activity;


•         Development and characterization of innovative anaerobic-aerobic biotech processes for the production of microbial polymers, such as polyhydroxyalkanotes, from agro-industrial effluents and wastes;


  • European and national R&I and policies sustaining the circular and rigenerative Bioeconomy.

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