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Claudio Melchiorri


Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: ING-INF/04 Systems and Control Engineering

Head of Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"


Macchelli A.; van der Schaft A.; Melchiorri C.;, Port Hamiltonian formulation of infinite dimensional systems II. Boundary control by interconnection, in: Decision and Control, 2004. CDC. 43rd IEEE Conference on, s.l, s.n, 2004, 4, pp. 3768 - 3773 (atti di: 43rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2004. CDC., Paradise Island, Bahamas, 14-17 Dec. 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

A. MACCHELLI; MELCHIORRI C., Real Time Linux in Automazione e Robotica, «AUTOMAZIONE E STRUMENTAZIONE», 2004, 9, pp. 122 - 126 [Scientific article]

F. Lotti; P. Tiezzi; G. Vassura; L. Biagiotti; C. Melchiorri; G. Palli;, UBH 3: A Biologically Inspired Robotic Hand, in: Proc. IMG’04, s.l, s.n, 2004(atti di: IMG’04, International Conference on Intelligent Manipulation and Grasping, Genova, Italia, 1-2 Luglio, 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

F. LOTTI; P. TIEZZI; G. VASSURA; L. BIAGIOTTI; MELCHIORRI C., UBH 3: an Anthropomorphic Hand with Simplified Endo-Skeletal Structure and Soft Continuous Fingerpads, in: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, ICRA'04, New Orleans,, NEW ORLEANS, IEEE, 2004(atti di: IEEE ICRA'04,, New Orleans,, April 2004) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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