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Video with images of research and innovation laboratories in the University.

Innovating thought

In the evolution of ideas lies authentic progress

Ideas in Motion

31 May in Bologna

StartUp Day 2024. Innovation and Sustainability

A free event to explore innovative ideas in virtual and augmented reality, mobility, energy, communication, construction, marine resources, biotransformation, and new materials. An opportunity for networking, inspiration, and discussion.

Creating value from the exchange of ideas

Open innovation between universities, businesses, and institutions to share the development of innovative solutions.

Building Reality

Experiment, design, and create the first prototype of a project in various fields: from fashion to design, from biomedical to engineering, from agri-food to restoration.

Sharing Knowledge

From medicine to technology, from the humanities to the environment. The production of innovative knowledge to contribute to scientific progress and impact people’s lives.

Ethics in Innovation

The fundamental principles underlying research


to ensure credibility and quality


clarity and commitment in managing the process


protection of all living beings

Open science

sharing and accessibility of research results


fair, complete, impartial conduct


mitigating the risks of misuse of results

Artificial Intelligence

At the service of humanity

  • Project funded by PNRR

    Collaborating with people

    The FAIR project: Future of AI Research is working on developing systems that can interact while respecting limits, ensuring safety and trust, and considering the environmental and social impact of their actions.

  • PNRR funded project

    Digital protection for democracy and the economy

    Preserving financial stability, protecting citizens' freedoms, and the democratic life of our country are the goals of the "SERICS: Security and Rights in the CyberSpace."

  • New molecules for new drugs, thanks to artificial intelligence

    A vast international scientific collaboration unveils the potential of AtomNet, the first neural network for designing pharmacological molecules and enabling the development of new drugs.



"Diverdeinverde": a weekend discovering the gardens of Bologna

On 25 and 26 May, discover the hidden and secret gardens of the historic buildings in the city center, visit the Botanical Garden and the Herbarium of the University of Bologna for free, and stroll alongside researchers.


The Academic Senate Votes on a Motion Regarding the War in Gaza

The Senate expressed its opinion on a motion presented by the student representatives regarding the University's position on the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, its relationships with Israeli companies in the arms industry, military sector companies, and the Italian Navy.


Accessible and inclusive outdoor educational spaces

Building a common pathway to implement outdoor educational spaces. This was the aim of the "allineaMenti" which brought together approximately three hundred participants.

From research to society


Discovered the first case of Kennedy terminal ulcer

From the analysis of the mummified remains of the Venerable Giacomo Torno, a cleric from the 16th century, a type of pressure ulcer has emerged that can appear in the period immediately preceding death.


Oper.space: the University of Bologna's Innovation Factory has been created

Bringing together universities, companies and institutions in order to tackle society’s complex problems through innovation pathways that generate solutions centred on people's real needs.

Data science

Seeking Big Data Specialists - announcement now online

FutureData4EU is the European project offering 53 PhD scholarships to train Big Data specialists on various topics of Data Science, ranging from culture to health, from social development to environment and technology.

University campuses

  • Bologna Campus

    Testimonies from the past and experiences from the present intertwine in the academic facilities in Bologna. 

    Discover the Bologna Campus

  • Cesena Campus

    The Campus stands out for its strong link with local companies, serving as a bridge between academia and the business world.

    Discover the Cesena Campus

  • Forlì Campus

    A modern and dynamic Campus with facilities and services in the heart of a liveable and accessible city.

    Discover the Forlì Campus

  • Ravenna Campus

    A unique experience that allows you to connect closely with the history, art and ecosystem of a highly stimulating city. 

    Discover the Ravenna Campus

  • Rimini Campus

    A people-focussed meeting place for cultures and ideas from all over the world. 

    Discover the Rimini Campus