Ukraine Emergency - FAQ for students

I am a student enrolled at a Ukrainian university. Can I transfer to a degree programme at the University of Bologna?

Transfers from foreign universities are not technically possible and, in order to study at the University of Bologna, you must follow the admission and enrolment procedures provided by each degree programme call or notice for admission. In case of enrolment, you can then apply for a shortened degree programme according to the procedures and deadlines set for each academic year. The degree programme Board will assess your application and decide whether to recognise credits already earned.
For degree programmes that have restricted access at a national level (for example Medicina e Chirurgia, Medicine and Surgery), every year calls are issued for transferring to years following the first. If you are enrolled at a foreign university you must participate in the call and, if you are successful, you will be able to enrol with the shortened degree programme.

I am a Ukrainian student enrolled at the University of Bologna and I reside in Italy with a student permit. Can I apply for temporary protection? 

The Italian legislation (DPCM 28 March 2022) requires the possession of specific requirements for the issue of the permit for temporary protection (you can find the categories of entitled persons listed on the page of the Turin Police Headquarters, for information only). To be eligible you must have been a resident in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 and have arrived in Italy after 24 February 2022. Read the legislation carefully, check all the necessary requirements and weight the benefits you could get thanks to temporary protection. If you want to continue your studies in Italy regardless of the emergency situation, it is reasonable to continue to renew the student residence permit. 

I am a displaced person from Ukraine in Italy, and I have applied for / have obtained a residence permit for temporary protection. Can I enrol at the university? 

If you have obtained a permit for temporary protection (pursuant to DPCM 28 March 2022), you can enrol at the university the same way as citizens of the European Union (non-EU equivalent student). You must therefore carry out the admission procedures to degree programmes according to the rules established for non-EU citizens with equivalent status. Be careful: the residence permit for temporary protection is temporary, and at the moment the Italian law does not provide the possibility of converting it into a student permit. For degree programmes with restricted access at a national Level (for example Medicine and Surgery), the equivalent status is still to be confirmed by the competent ministerial offices.