QS World University Rankings Europe: the university’s positioning and the methodology

The University of Bologna’s positioning in the first edition of the European ranking.

Results of the 2024 ranking at a glance 

  • 78th in the world ranking, top 12% at European level
  • 3rd in the national ranking



Indicators and number of universities analysed

As of 2023 (QS WUR Europe 2024), a new WUR ranking has been introduced specifically for Europe. The methodology is slightly different from the QS World University Ranking, while the universities considered are those in Europe (excluding Russia and Belarus but including Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan). This year, 688 universities were ranked.




 Research and Discovery

Academic Reputation: result of the 'Academic Survey', carried out by QS by interviewing over 240,000 teachers


Citations per Paper: number of citations per article


Papers per Faculty: number of papers per teacher


Employability and Outcomes

Employer Reputation: result of the 'Employer Survey', carried out by QS by interviewing over 100,000 companies


Employment Outcomes: graduate employment rate and alumni impact


Learning Experience

Faculty-Student Ratio: ratio of teachers to students


Global Engagement

International Research Network: co-authors of international research articles


International Faculty: international teachers


International Student Diversity: international students


Inbound Exchange Students: inbound students


Outbound Exchange Students: outbound students



Sustainability: social and environmental impact of the university