The Yearbook is a publication that sets out to photograph the Alma Mater and its activities and productions over time.

In its current version, the Yearbook contains information on the general structure of the University and its services: academic bodies and assemblies, schools, departments and programme catalogue. It also provides updated lists of teaching, technical and administrative staff, graduates, ad honorem or otherwise, diploma-holders, guests and the main events held at the University of Bologna during the year. It also has a large section of historical and statistical data concerning undergraduates and graduates, as well as facts and figures on the teaching and administrative staff, the university buildings and budgets.

In 1847 Serafino Mazzetti drafted a "Repertory of all ex- and current professors of the famous university and the renowned Institute of Science in Bologna", listing all the professors from the 12th century onwards. Worthy of mention is also the work by the same author, "Historical memories of the University and the Institute of Science in Bologna and its buildings and scientific bodies " (1840).

In 1751 Giuseppe Gaetano Bolletti wrote a book entitled "On the origins and the progress made by the Institute of Sciences in Bologna and all the academies linked thereto, with a description of the most noteworthy things preserved at the institute for the use of the literary world" (kept at the library of the National Academy of Agriculture and reprinted by Clueb in 1987), which was repeated in 1763, 1767 and 1769. In 1780 the task was passed on to Giuseppe Angelelli and in 1841 to Gaetano Lenzi.

On the website Google books you can find the two texts by Mazzetti and the editions of 1767, 1769, 1780 and 1841.

For the period from 1825 to 1859, the original copy of the "Kalendarium Archigmnasii Pontificii Bononiensis" can be found in the Archiginnasio library, and partly on the website indicated below.

Since 1859, the University of Bologna Yearbook has been published annually, without however any indication of the author. Initially a modest volume, it has gradually increased in size. The book was published even during the wars; at the end of the Second World War, a small volume was published anonymously, containing the essential news of the war period. The publication continued until 1976/77.

In 1986 the current curator, Prof. Fausto Desalvo, summarily covered the period from 1977/78 and 1983/84, returning to annual production from 1984/85 and including the news coverage of the most important events of the year. The books covering the period of the Ninth Centenary also include illustrative sections of the various events organised.

The complete collection of yearbooks from 1859 is kept at the Archiginnasio Library and the Historical Archives of the University. Other copies are available at the University Library in Bologna and at major national and foreign libraries.