Management of Departmental Research and Third Mission activities

Preparation of the Annual Form for Departmental Research (SUA-RD) for ANVUR represents the main focus of the Research and Third Mission Quality Assurance system. In the first sections of Part I of its SUA-RD form, each Department plans research objectives that are consistent with the Strategic Plan of the University, describes its organisational structure, defines its Research Quality Policy and reviews its departmental research.

Via the Quality Committee and the supporting administrative structures, the University makes a dashboard of Strategic Plan indicators available to the Departments.

In part III of the SUA-RD form, dedicated to the Third Mission the University is committed to working on both of the areas defined by ANVUR: promotion of research, being “the series of activities by which original knowledge, produced by the scientific research of the University, is actively transformed into productive knowledge with economic and commercial applications”; production of public assets of a social, educational and cultural nature, being the “ability of the University and its Departments to make the results of its research and specific services available to society”.

Part III of the SUA-RD form, prepared in 2015 by all Departments and by the University, each to the extent of its responsibilities, documents the approach taken to social responsibility in terms of:

  • intellectual property (patents, plant variety rights);
  • spin-off enterprises;
  • income from third parties;
  • public engagement (monitoring);
  • cultural heritage (archaeological excavations, museums, restoration of historic buildings);
  • safeguarding of health (clinical trials, continuous training in medicine);
  • continuous education and co-designed curricula;
  • liaison structures (technology transfer office, placement offices, incubators, consortia and third mission associations).

ANVUR guidelines for the SUA-RD (part III – Third Mission)

SUA-RD of the Departments of the University of Bologna
The latest update of part I of the SUA-RD is in the departments websites: