Self-assessment and evaluation

Each year, on a recommendation from the University Quality Committee, the Academic bodies approve the plan for the self-assessment of Degree Programmes, in order to check the effectiveness of Programme management by comparing the established objectives with the results obtained, identify the reasons for any unsatisfactory results and plan the related improvements.

The planning of self-assessment activities includes:

  • the calendar of activities also based on national deadlines;
  • suggested methodologies, explanatory notes and guidelines for using the support tools made available by the University, including guidelines for discussing the opinions of students.

The annual review of each Degree Programme is reported in an internal document containing:

- comments on the relevant statistics, including analysis of the opinions of students obtained from the questionnaire answered by lesson attendees;

- verification of the progress made on the improvements planned by the Degree Programme and the plan for the coming year.

The annual self-assessment is accompanied by a long-term analysis of the overall performance of each Degree Programme and the continued validity of the key reasons that justify it. This periodic activity is formalised in the Cyclic Review document.

The Faculty-Student Joint Committees play an important role. They are established in each Department or School, where present, by the University of Bologna in order to monitor the programme catalogue, the quality of teaching and the student services provided by the Degree Programmes.

The Joint Committees document their activities and the outcome of their work in an annual report that includes information for each Degree Programme about any specific problems identified.

 The Quality Committee monitors and verifies the self-assessment system and acquires elements useful to improve the process to ensure teaching quality.

In turn, the Quality Committee prepares a report for the Academic bodies, including the Evaluation Group.