University of Bologna social network spaces user policy

The terms and conditions of use of the University of Bologna's institutional social spaces.

Bologna University uses Facebook as a channel for informing and encouraging its users, especially student users, to participate and dialogue. On its Facebook pages the administration’s purpose is institutional in nature and concerns matters of general interest.

The social networks by no means take over the duties of the Student Administration Offices or university front offices. Complete and up-to-date information may be found on the University Portal ( and connected websites.

Bologna University uses the social networks to broadcast information on services, projects and initiatives. Contents published can related to institutional business and services, events, projects, results of research, schemes to build up participation, updates on emergency situations.

The University may occasionally share in messages and contents from other organizations or people when these are of public interest or utility. While endeavouring to check the accuracy and reliability of such contents, the Administration accepts no responsibility for any wrong or out-of-date information.

As for publicity features surrounding the contents of social network pages, these, be it noted, are outside the Administration’s control and are independently managed by the social networks.

Regulations and Moderation

Terms of service apply to the social networks and must be complied with by all users.

Everyone has the possibility to take an active part in and express their opinions in the University of Bologna's social spaces, within the limits of the law and without offending others. Users are invited to present their name and surname and abide by certain basic rules:

  • to state their opinion politely and moderately, sticking to verifiable fact as far as possible and respecting other people’s opinions.
  • to avoid insults, vulgar and offensive utterances, threats and all violent attitudes.
  • at all times to respect people’s privacy, and avoid reference to facts or details that have no public import or invade the personal domain of third parties.
  • not to use this area to discuss personal issues, but to confine themselves to topics of public interest.
  • to stick to the point at issue in a discussion and avoid straying from it in an indiscriminate fashion.
  • to abstain from all kinds of publicity, spam or promotion of private interests or illegal activity.
  • not to publish contents infringing copyright, or use registered trademarks without authorisation. 

At various stages Bologna University will retrospectively moderate its own area, as and when it reasonably can, to limit any contents infringing the user regulations. In the more serious instances – and especially where the common rules outlined above are broken – the Administration reserves the right to cancel contents, ban users from its pages, and report them to the host social network and its moderating filter mechanisms.


Getting back to users

As a rule, the social spaces of the University of Bologna are reviewed, Monday to Friday. The University undertakes to read all messages and queries and, if required, to give an answer as promptly as possible.

The speed of answering will vary according to the kind of request. If a social network proves the wrong channel on which to meet a request, the editing service will inform the user of the right channel to use and the office to consult.



Please note that the processing of users’ personal data on other platforms meets the requirements of the policies currently used on those platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Any data that users share through private messages sent directly to any of the social media channels of the University of Bologna will be processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.