Deputy Rector and Vice Rector of Digital Technologies

Professor Mirko Degli Esposti
Professor Mirko Degli Esposti

The Deputy Rector replaces the Rector in all functions in the event of his absence or impediment, participating as a non-voting member in the meetings of the Board of Governors and the Academic Senate, as well as the other University bodies requiring the presence of the Rector, for matters pertaining to their delegate area of competence.

He is responsible for health and safety in the work place, defining the strategies and interventions concerning sustainability and sports promotion, in coordination with the appointed persons in charge of these areas.
He is also a representative of the Steering Committee for metropolitan Bologna as a tourist destination.

He also holds the position of Vice Rector of Digital Technologies: he serves as the Rector in relations with internal and external parties involved in University processes and activities with regard to activities related to Digital Technologies; directs and promotes initiatives and the assessment of the results of University activities and processes with regard to activities related to Digital Technologies; directs, promotes and assesses initiatives concerning the dematerialisation of processes, distance learning activities through Digital Technologies, and the technological implications of the use of social media and of the Web in University communication; directs, promotes and assesses open data initiatives; encourages and promotes collaborative relationships with public and private bodies, as well as with businesses and manufacturers for designing and implementing Digital Technologies in support of teaching, education and research; directs, promotes and assesses funding proposals for delegated activities.