Student Council

This is the official student representative body at the University.


The Council, whose members are appointed for two years, elect representatives to the University Senate and the Board of Governors. The main duty of this representative body is to express opinions wherever student interests are concerned.
It is composed of 33 members.

Composition of the Student Council

Benini Pietro

Bongiovanni Alberto

Brandoni  Domitilla

Carbone Domenico

Colli Laura

Crispino Antonio

D'amico Francesca Romana

Di Mambro Tommaso

Dilorenzo Stefano

Gabanini Gaia

Gambacorta Niccolo’

Garattoni Lorenzo

Giua Andrea

Gottardo Federica

Martinelli Francesco

Minelli Leonardo

Monetti Stefano

Montagna Maria Vittoria

Orsini Caterina

Parolini Sara

Pomes Italo

Pompili Alessandro

Ramelli Davide

Sala Gianluca

Santoni Giacomo

Savini Lorenzo

Scurti Paolo

Spaziante Mario

Tarantino Ida Pia

Tasselli Elisabetta

Zanni Giacomo

Zanoli Anna

Zappi Luca