Student Council

This is the official student representative body at the University.


The Council, whose members are appointed for two years, elect representatives to the University Senate and the Board of Governors. The main duty of this representative body is to express opinions wherever student interests are concerned.
It is composed of 33 members.

Composition of the Student Council

Alvisi Lorenzo

Battistini Davide

Bianchino Antonio

Bonfiglioli Marco

Bongiovanni Alberto

Casolari Davide

D’Alfonso Fabio

Dimaggio Francesco

Diodati Lucia

Di Salvatore Gregorio

Giorgianni Alessio

Grammatico Mirko

Lamponi Giulia

Leonardi Lorenzo

Melandri Giacomo

Mescolini Giulia

Miccoli Giovanni

Pace Andrea

Papa Davide

Papini Leda

Pari Giuseppe

Piermatteo Simone

Pillon Adriano

Pompili Alessandro

Rubini Nicola

Scaioli Maria

Stopponi Lucia

Tuccella Valerio

Turchi Elena

Vaccari Marco

Valant Francesco

Wildner Claudia

Zanarini Stefano