Positive actions

The CUG adopts a positive action plan to promote equality of treatment at work and the culture of equal opportunities at the University of Bologna.

Positive Action Plan 2018-21

Learning, awareness and communication

Training programmes will be organised to raise awareness across the university and provide the tools to help build and maintain a good working environment, where empowerment, change, diversity, work inclusion and healthy lifestyles are perceived as a source of personal and professional development.

The training programmes will focus on the following subjects:

2018 – Empowerment: providing opportunities to people so that they can develop as individuals and as workers who find fulfilment in their jobs.

2019 – Change, Relations and Resilience: embracing change at work as a challenge and a growth opportunity, adapting to a new environment and fostering relations with colleagues based on non-violent communication and aiming at workplace well-being.

2020 – Workplace well-being: promoting diets and lifestyles that improve health in the workplace. Theory will be followed by a practical part, including hands-on training classes for selected workers.

2021 – Inclusion at work: fostering inclusion and capitalising on over-50 workers, the disabled and employees who go back to work after a long leave.

More training opportunities might be offered to specific groups to disseminate information that promotes equal opportunities and has a positive impact on the work environment.

These initiatives will be carried out in cooperation with specific university units.

Single conferences, seminars and events will be organised to raise awareness on issues such as fostering equal opportunities, sharing actions and projects that promote conditions and policies for workplace well-being, strengthening workers’ sense of belonging, finding fulfilment in one’s job, preventing distress in the workplace, and disability. Events may be organised with other university units and other bodies or entities that are interested in promoting these topics.

Constantly updated, the CUG webpage will offer a showcase for the positive actions carried out by the university in its campus cities; national and international actions promoting equal opportunities, non-discrimination and workplace well-being will also be reported regularly on the CUG webpage.

Actions promoting equal opportunities and workplace well-being, and fighting discrimination and harassment, will also focus on establishing prizes for dissertations, PhD theses and cultural events linked to the topics promoted by CUG.

Promoting and protecting gender equality; internal and external networking

Collection and analysis of disaggregated data by gender, publication of a Gender Equality Annual Report and proposal of indexes to measure the university gender balance.

Contributing to the implementation and monitoring of the University Gender Equality Plan 2017/20, whose measures coincide with the actions of our plan, and in particular: briefings and guidelines for recruitment commission members, considering maternity and parental leave periods in the university research evaluation procedure in order to reach a more equal assessment, introduction and implementation in the university funding opportunities of standards for the incorporation of sex and gender variables into research, specific courses available for students on gender equality and soft skills in their curricula.

Thanks to these measures we will contribute to previously adopted actions, promoting gender equality and fighting vertical and horizontal segregation among the university faculty, TA staff and students, as well as assess the impact these measures have. The latter will encourage benchmarking (over time and also against other universities) to monitor the university’s progress and the wider context.

Cooperation with other stakeholders throughout the university in order to promote gender equality and implement actions fostering the adoption of gender-inclusive language in the university’s official communications and forms across the board.

Continued cooperation with the Alma Gender IRT and synergy development with the CUGs of other universities and the civil service in order to promote and sponsor actions in line with CUG’s mandate.

Active participation in national and international actions and working groups to promote policies and tools that encourage gender equality and workplace well-being – while fighting harassment – in organisations.

Promoting workplace well-being and work-life balance

In cooperation with other university stakeholders, publishing and promoting information material for university staff on existing services and bodies that foster equal opportunities, workplace well-being and work-life balance.

Active cooperation with other stakeholders to develop a survey for all the assessments the university intends to carry out among its employees (best practices, work climate assessment, accident and stress prevention assessment, work quality assessment).

In cooperation with other university stakeholders, testing actions to encourage health-promoting lifestyles and diets among employees. In particular, CUG intends to circulate information flyers on health-promoting lifestyles (non-smoking, physical activity, healthy diets, weight control, preventive medical screenings). Specific awareness actions might be undertaken across the university to promote healthy eating habits.

Establishing an annual prize for socio-cultural actions promoting workplace well-being. The university TA staff will be invited to submit workplace well-being projects to be implemented across the university. CUG will be in charge of implementing the best projects that receive the prize.

CUG will link up with all internal and external stakeholders to set up an active network on these topics. It will also work to help maintain and implement good work practices that promote work-life balance across the university, such as remote work, flexible workplace and the use of technologies that reduce commuting between workplaces. CUG will work to raise awareness about best practices for a better work organisation, fostering a positive work-life balance (e.g. planning meetings, emails outside working hours, etc.).

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