Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee Wellbeing and Non-Discrimination at Work - CUG

Established by Rector's Decree no. 916/2013 of 22.11.2013, the CUG is a single body combining the competences of the Committee for Equal Opportunities and the Anti-Mobbing Committee.
Who we are
The CUG is a joint body composed of representatives of the University and staff representatives.
What we do
Student with teacher
Information on the initiatives promoted by the CUG, or national and international events related to the topics of equal opportunities and well-being at work.
CUG Documents
Normative references
Health and protection of workers
The CUG cooperates with the University departments working specifically in the field of health and safety for workers.
Health and protection of students
Students may report dysfunctions or restrictions in their rights to the Ombudsman, and may access specific support services.