Ozzano dell'Emilia campus

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Located approximately 15 km from Bologna, the Ozzano dell'Emilia campus hosts the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences and is home to various Degree Programmes, Professional Master’s Programmes and a Specialisation School. It also houses the University Veterinary Hospital and several museums in the University Museum Network.

Events and news

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Studying at Ozzano dell’Emilia

Second Cycle Degree Programmes

Single-cycle degree programme (Combined Bachelor and Master)

PhD programme degrees

Specialisation Schools

Specialisation School in Animal Welfare, Livestock and Livestock Production

Professional master’s programmes

First and second level Professional Master’s Programmes offered by the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences. Some of these are also based in Cesenatico and Imola.

Summer and Winter Schools

A number of summer schools are regularly held.

Other vocational training course



Library, lecture halls, laboratories and other spaces

Museums and outreach activities

Nursery school

Business services

School services