University Library System

The University of Bologna possesses a network of library and documentary services and facilities to aid teaching, study, research, as well as professional and cultural activities.

The University Library System (SBA) coordinates individual libraries with the related bibliographic and documentary services.

The SBA web portal gives users combined access to the information and documents stored by the University Library System, individual libraries and the University Documentary and Departmental Support (ASDD).

From the SBA web portal you may consult

  • a focus on section, where to keep up-to-date on news and events organized by the individual university libraries or related with the bibliographic and documentary concerns;
  • the Library Registry (in Italian) concerning university libraries, or check contacts, telephone numbers, times of opening to the public, and the services on offer. One of the libraries in the registry is the Bologna University Library. With its large ancient and modern collections, this is the central library of the University, functioning as a general knowledge library, a resource for historical and scientific research, and a place of conservation;
  • services offered to facilitate research, teaching and learning activities as well as staff and vocational training;
  • AmaRE: electronic documentary resources to support teaching and research activities;
  • AlmaDL: the digital Library of the University of Bologna that collects, stores and delivers online digital collections to support teaching and research activities;
  • lists of the most important national and international catalogues.