Historical Archive

The Bologna University Historical Archive, nowadays possesses all the deeds and documents produced or received by offices since 1860: minutes of collegiate bodies, student folders containing degree dissertations, records of progress tests and degree sessions, lesson registers, folders belonging to teachers and technical-administrative staff, faculty and school files, protocol registers, institute inventories, archives of university schools and higher institutes.

In 1892 the University deposited its previous centuries of documentation at the Bologna State Archive where it joined other collections from the Archiepiscopal Archive: the inventory was drawn up by Giorgio Cencetti and later updated by State Archive archivists.

Of no less significance for the history of Bologna’s Studium are the archives of the University colleges, which are currently spread among various locations as a result of the transformations those institutes have undergone.

The ramifications of university history, embracing learning and teaching, students and teachers, make the historical archive a source of practical and regulative information opening chapters of the institution’s academic and scientific past.