Representación en la República Argentina, Centro de Altos Estudios de la Universidad de Bologna

The first campus abroad of the oldest university in the world.

The campus of Buenos Aires -  Representación en la República Argentina was established with the objective of training a managerial class capable of recognising, foreseeing, interpreting and taking the right decisions in companies, organisations and institutions that operate at an international level and, in particular, in the sector concerning relations between the European Union and Latin America.

To achieve this result, the University of Bologna in Buenos Aires offers interdisciplinary study programmes on the following subjects: regional integration processes in Europe and America,  the inter-regional economic relations between the European Union (EU) and Latin America, the political evolution of relations between the EU and Latin America in the new global context, problems and prospects of the new democracies in the context of an economic liberalisation process and political democratization, structure and strategy of large, medium and small enterprises in the internationalization of the economy, international negotiation and cooperation processes, institutional change and organizational management.