Advanced School of Studies on the City and Territory

The School is a special structure of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna established by Rector's Decree no. 1377/38400 of 29 June 2005. Previously running under the name of "Advanced School of Organisation of the historical city, the region and their models of representation" (Rector's Decree no. 220 of 2 August 1999), as part of a process of review and standardisation of the statutes of the special structures of the University it was attributed its current title.

The Advanced School of Studies on the City and Territory - SSCT aims to be an international reference for studies, projects, learning and cultural activities focusing on the city and the region. The main sectors of intervention are: architecture, archaeology, art, cultural heritage, engineering and earth sciences. In the teaching field, the School runs Professional Master's programmes, post-graduate and lifelong learning courses and summer schools, with special focus on the staff of bodies and institutions working in the protection and management of the city and historical centres. In the cultural field, the School organises conferences, conventions, debates, exhibitions and cycles of lectures. Alongside this it publishes essays, scientific research, catalogues, and has its own collection of books on issues linked to the city and the region. With the multidisciplinarity of its topics of specialisation and the integration of skills from different disciplines, over the years it has run applied research projects designed to be important links between the academic and employment worlds, based on the local emergencies which have not yet been the subject of systematic and interdisciplinary studies.