Strategic Industrial Partnerships

Strategic industrial partnerships are medium/long term agreements between businesses and the university, on issues of common interest, aiming to run activities in all fields of cooperation: research and development, innovation, human capital, corporate social responsibility.

They imply the willingness for concrete commitment on both sides, within a programme aiming to work synergically to reach ambitious goals.

Within these partnerships, the key objectives are:

  • to consolidate lasting relations for investments in long-term research and development, implementing advanced and complex research programmes with highly innovative experimental contents;
  • to share equipment, laboratories and research infrastructures to incentivise cooperation, contamination and skills transfers between university researchers and businesses, also involving students and PhD students;
  • to jointly participate in EU, national and regional initiatives and calls for funding;
  • to cooperate in activities aiming to stimulate business innovation processes (technology transfer, open innovation);
  • to invest in the growth of future human resources, supporting PhD programmes and research fellowships and facilitating the recruitment of new profiles, and in the enhancement of today’s human resources, within skills updating and integration paths.

The strategic partnerships create constant dialogue between the business world and the University in order to share needs, expectations, strategies and priorities.

These partnerships are based on the signature of multiannual cooperation agreements, setting forth the main contractual clauses, coordinated by a joint management committee, with the support of a specific department. The agreement allows careful planning and monitoring of all the activities, fostering greater involvement and coordination on the company side, between the various business functions and lines, and on the university side, between different departments and units involved in the joint activities.

List of strategic industrial partnerships

See the strategic multi-annual collaboration agreements the University of Bologna has reached with businesses, with regional and national associations of undertakings, and specific production chains.

List of strategic industrial partnerships