Business opportunities

Sectoral specialisation, multidisciplinarity, high-quality education and excellent research, in an innovative, cutting-edge local context recognised worldwide: these are the solid foundations on which the University of Bologna acts as a partner for businesses in research and development, innovation, human capital and corporate social responsibility.

Research and development Research and development

Over 5,000 teachers, researchers, PhD students and research fellows work in research and development. The Alma Mater offers businesses its competences, laboratories and support services, providing consulting, implementing research projects, jointly participating in competitive calls, organising events and opportunities for dialogue and discussion, or developing far-reaching initiatives such as joint laboratories.


Innovation Innovation 

The University’s innovation services go way beyond technology transfer. Alongside its wide portfolio of patents, spin-offs and start-ups in all scientific and technological fields, it runs maker labs, co-working spaces and Open Innovation initiatives.


Human capitalHuman capital

The University of Bologna offers support to businesses wishing to invest in their own human capital, helping them to recruit talents and providing continuing education and professional growth for their staff.


Corporate social responsibilityCorporate social responsibility

The University of Bologna cooperates with organisations of different types, sizes and geographical bases, including businesses, to promote corporate social responsibility initiatives. Projects to improve quality of life, projects for environmental sustainability, social development, development cooperation, enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage, dissemination and sporting initiatives.


Strategic industrial partnershipsStrategic industrial partnerships

Strategic partnerships are medium/long-term agreements between businesses and the University, on topics of joint interest. With the concrete commitment of both parties, the goals and methods for working synergically are identified, in order to achieve ambitious targets.