Mediating Italy in Global Culture

Year 2023
Main Department Department of the Arts
Campus Rimini
Credits Programme without credits
Cost 140 euro
Starting date Jun 19, 2023
Finishing date Jun 23, 2023
Application deadline Mar 20, 2023 (Expired)
Selection date April 6, 2023
Course overview
The Department of the Arts, University of Bologna, in collaboration with Brown University, Dickinson College, The University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, and Wesleyan University, invites applications for the 2023 “Mediating Italy in Global Culture” Summer School, which will be held at the Rimini campus of the University of Bologna.
Subject area
5 days
Admission qualifications
Graduate and Post-Graduate Students with a background in Media Studies, Film Studies, Italian Studies, Cultural Production, American Studies, and similar degrees
Linguistic skills
The Summer School is held in English.
Academic director
Prof. Luca Barra
Place of teaching

Luca Barra

Dipartimento delle Arti - DAR


Via Barberia 4 Bologna (BO)

Elisa Farinacci

Summer School Tutor