Matter: Philosophy, Science, and the Arts

Year 2022
Main Department Philosophy and Communication Studies - FILCOM
Campus Bologna
Credits Programme without credits
Cost No fee requested
Starting date Jun 27, 2022
Finishing date Jun 29, 2022
Application deadline Jun 22, 2022 (Expired)
Course overview
What is matter? And how did it change over time? How have philosophers, scientists and artisans dealt with it in different periods and cultural settings? These questions will be at the core of the Summer School, which will involve experts from various fields to talk about matter and materiality from different perspectives.
Subject area
Learning outcomes
Students will be stimulated to critically think about matter, but they will also be asked to take matter in their hands, to think with their hands, to manipulate materials in accordance with instructions found in ancient manuscripts, to go through early modern books and museums and finally to taste matter, or at least a specific kind of matter, namely wine.
Number of participants
Min. 10 - max. 20
3 days
Additional information

The Summer School will be held in English, or Italian if all the enrolled students are proficient in Italian

Admission qualifications
The Summer school is mainly addressed to students in Humanities (history and philosophy of science, history of philosophy, intellectual history, history of arts). Applications from students in STEM disciplines are also welcome.

Applicants can be: (1) students who have already obtained the Bachelor (or 1st-cycle degree); (2) Master students or students who have already obtained the Master (or 2nd-cycle degree); (3) PhD students

A maximum of 20 students will be admitted to the Summer school, based on the priority in the registration (a waiting list will be done if we receive more requests).
Selection criteria
To register please e-mail Dr. Antonella Tramacere:

In your e-mail please specify; (1) name and surname; (2) held degree; (3) areas of interest
Academic director
Prof. Matteo Martelli
Place of teaching
Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies
Sala Rossa, via Azzo Gardino 23, Bologna

Academic organizers
Carlotta Capuccino, Matteo Martelli, Matteo Pasetti, Paolo Savoia, Antonella Tramacere

Antonella Tramacere