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Coronavirus Emergency - a.y. 2019/2020 Master’s Degree enrolment fee payment postponed - updated on 28/05/20

Please be advised that Rector’s Decree No. 627 of 28/05/20 has postponed the deadline for the payment of outstanding enrolment fees for academic year 2019/2020 Master’s Degrees by 60 days, starting from the due date of the last installation owed.

  • The deadline for the payment of Master’s Degree fees due by 30 April 2020, is now 30 June 2020;
  • the deadline for the payment of Master’s Degree fees due by 31 May 2020, is now 31 July 2020.

Postponements apply to students enrolled in Master's Degrees of the University of Bologna managed by entities other than the Bologna Business School Foundation.

Enrolment fee payments for Master’s Degrees whose activities were suspend due to the Covid-19 emergency are suspended; the new deadlines will be set before the new teaching calendar for each Master’s Degree is published.

(Rector’s Decree No. 627/2020 ref. 106030 of 28/05/2020).

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