Information for international students

Information for international students wishing to enrol in a Professional Master Programme or in a Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programme.

The procedures for applying and enrolling are described in the annual calls for applications. Consult the programme overviews for Professional Master’s programmes and for Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programmes.

Visit the StudentiOnline website and complete the on-line application form, following the procedures specified in the call for applications.

After completing the application and paying the administrative fee (non-reimbursable), print the “Prova di ammissione - Dati inseriti” (Entrance exam - Data input form), sign it and deliver (or send) it to the University of Bologna (Master Office) by the deadline specified in the call for applications. This form must be accompanied by a copy of the degree certificate, legalised by the government authorities of the country in which the degree was obtained, and the Declaration of Value issued by the competent Italian diplomatic mission for the territory concerned (Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country in which the degree was obtained).

N.B. The Declaration of Value may be replaced by the Diploma Supplement (issued by the competent University and prepared using the model developed by the European Commission). An authenticated and legalised copy of the degree certificate must always be submitted, accompanied by an official translation. No translation is necessary for degree certificates issued in English, French or Spanish.

Important! Non-EU students holding a degree giving access to a professional master programme, already enrolled in a degree programme at another Italian University (e.g. a second-cycle degree programme, specialisation schools, etc.), must obtain the final qualification of their current university career by and no later than the enrolment deadline, in order to enrol.

Rules for entering and staying in Italy

Students from an EU country must hold an identity document valid for the entire period of their stay in Italy and possess adequate health insurance that covers them in Italy (EHIC and/or private insurance).

Students from non-EU countries who are not resident in Italy and who have been admitted to a Professional Master Programme (or to a Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programme) must apply for an entry visa for study purposes (University or Post-Graduate enrolment). Please, obtain an admission letter from the Student Office for this purpose.

Important! Non-EU students required to take an entrance exam for an Italian Professional Master Programme must first obtain a short stay visa (USV), then come to Italy and take the exam. If admitted, they must return to their home country and apply for an entry visa for study purposes (University or Post-Graduate enrolment).

Non-EU students resident in Italy may enrol if they hold a long-term EU residence permit (formerly residence card), or a residence permit valid for:

  • employment or freelance work;
  • family reasons;
  • political or humanitarian asylum (now political asylum, subsidiary protection, humanitarian protection);
  • religious reasons.

Students holding a residence permit for study reasons, valid for at least one year, may enrol if it is renewable (note that a study residence permit issued for an Italian language course is not renewable). To be renewed, the residence permit must be held together with the specific Italian degree for which it was issued.

Non-EU citizens holding a residence permit issued by another EU country should contact the International Desk to check if an entry visa is required.

Residence permit

Students must apply to the competent police headquarters (Questura) for a residence permit within eight working days of their arrival in Italy. This obligation only applies if they intend to remain in Italy for more than 90 days. The procedures for requesting a Residence permit are the same as those envisaged for students enrolled on degree programmes or on individual course units. To complete the enrolment process, a copy of the receipt received on applying for a residence permit must be submitted to the Master Office.

Following issue of the residence permit, a copy must be given to the Master Office as soon as possible. The original must also be exhibited at that time.

N.B. Send all the required documentation to: University of Bologna - Master Office - Via Zamboni 33 - 40126 Bologna (Italy) or deliver it personally, during office hours, to the Master Office at via San Giacomo 7 (Bologna).