International Education Projects

The University of Bologna partners with three dynamic international consortia, known as Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), promoted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The objective of the teaching programme is to stimulate and deploy the knowledge triangle (networking among education institutions, research organisations and business) via innovative education projects.

Each KIC comprises a consortium of representatives drawn from industry, the academic world and research. Their actions enable students to participate in advanced, international education projects on topics addressed by those KICs in which the University of Bologna is a partner.


This KIC promotes innovation in business and education in order to tackle the challenges of climate change and work on the transition towards a zero-impact society. Two courses of the University of Bologna during 2017 and three during 2019 obtained EIT Label accreditation, which enables selected students to participate in innovative education programmes in Italy and abroad.         


The mission of the EIT is to increase and promote the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the raw materials sector, via the development of innovative solutions throughout the entire value chain, from extraction and processing to the recycling and reuse of raw materials.          


The objective of this EIT is to stimulate the digital transformation of Europe, via the creation of a new generation of expert technological entrepreneurs with a strong business orientation.