Innovation in teaching and learning

Since its founding, the University of Bologna has been the driving force behind the development of new knowledge by researching, disseminating and applying such knowledge through teaching, training and many other forms of knowledge transfer.

Over the last few decades, all teaching and training systems in Europe and elsewhere have initiated reform, transformation and innovation processes in order to adapt to the increasingly complex changes in our society. Moreover, such processes serve also to address the issue of the increase in education level of our citizens. Accessibility, inclusion, the broadening of the programme catalogue and, especially, the continuous improvement of teaching and learning quality are the focus of current educational policies and of the scientific debate on higher education and training.

Focus on students: transferable skills and other learning opportunities
Students are at the center of teaching and learning projects of the University of Bologna, and are the main actors of learning processes. Students are not seen as users, but as people who build and co-build their own curriculum. Learning is not limited to the disciplines covered by the degree programmes, but also involves acquiring strategic and transferable skills and knowledge that are of crucial importance for developing students’ potential and the resources to build future career opportunities.
Academic staff for teaching innovation
Academic staff
Academic staff are seen as guides, facilitators of learning processes who support students in acquiring disciplinary knowledge and strategic skills. Academic staff (and the academic staff community within the degree programmes) play a key role in teaching renewal and are privileged observers of teaching and learning contexts.
Teaching innovation centre
Teaching Innovation Centre
The innovation in teaching and learning system is part of the “Center for innovation in teaching and learning” of the University of Bologna. The centre is aimed at promoting and implementing activities that actively involve academic staff, also as recipients of training processes, and students whose curriculum increasingly requires a set of skills that complement the traditional disciplines specific to individual degree programmes. The Centre and its project are part of the University’s strategy to continuously improve teaching quality.
Teaching quality
Quality Assurance
The teaching Quality Assurance system comprises a set of objectives, tools, actions and checks used by the University to implement its quality policy and improve its programme catalogue, thus meeting the expectations of all those parties with an interest in the education services provided: students, families and the world of work.