Transfer to a programme running under the new degree programme system

How to make the optional transfer from a programme running under the previous degree programme system to the same programme running under the reformed system.

Following the university reform in 2004 (DM 270/04), the University of Bologna guarantees enrolled students the conclusion of all degree programmes running under the previous degree programme system and the issue of the relevant qualifications; it also gives students the option to enrol in the same degree programme running under the new system.

How and when to apply

  • Check your career status at your Student Administration Office; make sure that all the exams you have taken have been correctly registered.
  • Make sure you have paid all enrolment fees, including the first instalment for the 2023/24 academic year.
  • On the degree programme website, under “Iscriversi” or “Admission”, check the admission requirements and, if applicable, read carefully the information in the call for applications.
  • Submit your transfer application on Studenti Online:

    - from 27 July to 23 November 2023 for non-restricted access degree programmes

    during the period and following the procedures indicated in the call for applications in the case of restricted access degree programmes that require the test even if optional

    You may sit exams of your degree programme of origin until you submit your transfer application.
  • Follow the instructions on Studenti Online and pay the €116 transfer fee (which includes the €16 stamp duty). You can track your application on Studenti Online. Your career in the new degree programme will be activated only after the Degree Programme Board gives its approval.


Benefits for the right to higher education

For information about benefits for the right to higher education, see the call for applications published by the Regional Board for the Right to Higher Education (ER.GO). In terms of benefits and reduced tuition fees, before applying for a transfer, consider the fact that your study career will be considered to have started the year you matriculated for the first time, regardless of the exams recognised or the year in which you will be placed by the Degree Programme Board. Therefore, following the transfer you may lose these benefits.