Transfer (optional) to a study programme running under the new degree programme system

All the information you need for transferring from a degree programme running under the previous degree programme system to the same degree programme running under the reformed system.

Following the university reforms (DM 270/04), the University of Bologna assures the conclusion of all degree programmes running under the previous degree programme system and the issue of the relative qualifications for all enrolled students. It also offers students the option to enrol in the same Degree Programme reformed to comply with the New Degree Programme System.

The steps you need to follow are listed below:

  1. check your career status at your Student Administration Office;
  2. make sure you have paid all enrolment fees including the first instalment for academic year 2021/22;
  3. make sure that all your exams have been correctly registered;
  4. check all information about the necessary requirements on the "Enrolling in the Degree Programme" page of the Degree Programme website and read carefully the call for applications, if applicable;
  5. submit your transfer application on Studenti Online.
    You may submit the application:
    - for degree programmes with no restricted access, between 22 July and 25 November 2021
    - for degree programmes with restricted access that require taking the test even if optional: during the period, and following the procedures, indicated in the call for applications. You will be able to sit exams pertaining to your current Degree Programme, until you submit the online request for the transfer;
  6. pay the transfer fee of €96 (which includes a €16 stamp duty) by accessing Studenti Online and following the instructions provided;

You will be able to monitor the status of your request on Studenti Online.

Your career in the new Degree Programme will be activated only after the Board of the Degree Programme has given its approved.

If you are interested in the benefits of the right to higher education, consult the relative call published by the Regional Board for the Right to Higher Studies (ER.GO) on the ER.GO website.
In particular, before transferring to a different programme, remember that, for the purposes of being granted any subsidies or reduced fees, your career will be assessed from the year you first enrolled at university, this is independent of any recognitions obtained or the programme year assigned to you by the Degree Programme Board. Following your programme transfer, this could lead to the loss of any assigned benefits.