Simultaneous enrolment in different courses

It is possible to enrol on two courses at the same time and obtain two degrees.

What it consists of

From academic year 2022/23, it is possible to enrol simultaneously on two higher education courses as provided for by Italian law no. 33 of 12 April 2022.  

On 29 July 2022, Ministerial Decree no. 930 was published, which regulates the procedures to allow students to enrol twice at the same time.

On 2 August 2022, Ministerial Decree no. 933 was published, which regulates the provisions to allow simultaneous enrolment in two AFAM (Higher Education in Art and Music) courses or one AFAM course and one university course.

Which courses it applies to

Simultaneous enrolment is possible for a maximum of two courses, with both courses of study able to be at the same university or courses at different universities or institutions of higher education in art and music, including foreign ones. 

It is possible to enrol on

  • two 1st Cycle Degree programmes
  • two 2nd Cycle Degree programmes
  • one 1st Cycle Degree programme and one 2nd Cycle Degree programme
  • one 1st Cycle Degree programme or one 2nd Cycle Degree programme and one PhD course
  • one 1st Cycle Degree programme or 2nd Cycle Degree programme and one Professional Master’s programme
  • one 1st Cycle Degree programme or 2nd Cycle Degree programme and one non-medical specialisation course
  • two Professional Master’s programmes, provided that they are not the same Professional Master’s programme
  • one PhD course and and one Professional Master’s programme
  • one PhD course and one medical specialisation course, in this case, Art. 7 of MD 226/2021 applies
  • Professional Master’s programme and one medical specialisation course
  • Professional Master’s programme and medical specialisation course.

Requirements and conditions for simultaneous enrolment 

In the case of simultaneous enrolment between 1st and 2nd Cycle Degrees, these must not belong to the same class and must differ in at least two-thirds of their educational activities.

To enrol in courses at different levels, you must have the qualifications required by national and University regulations and  to sit assessment test in order to verify knowledge, curricular requirements and adequate personal competencies respectively, provided for 1st and 2nd Cycle Degrees programmes.

In the event that one of the two study courses is compulsorily attended, enrolment in a second course where attendance is not compulsory is permitted, with the exception of courses for which compulsory attendance is envisaged only for laboratory and internship activities.

In order to enrol simultaneously in two courses and carry out all degree-related activities, in addition to being enrolled in both programmes for the current academic year (2022/2023), you must have no outstanding debts (e.g. unpaid fees) to the University or to ER.GO.

Simultaneous enrolment in two courses with nationwide access by numbered admission will be regulated by a special ministerial decree, as provided for in Law No. 33 of 12 April 2022.

Scholarships and exemptions

Right-to-study benefits are provided for a single enrolment; for this purpose, the courses for which the benefit is requested must be indicated on the simultaneous enrolment application form. Total or partial exemption from student contributions is granted for both enrolments if the requirements set out in the current regulations are met.

How to enrol on two courses

Enrolling simultaneously in two courses at the University of Bologna

You can enrol simultaneously in two courses by writing to the Student Administration Office of the second programme that you wish to enrol in and indicating as subject: “Simultaneous enrolment request”.

If you are already enrolled in one courses and you enrol in another, the latter is the courses for your second enrolment.

If you are enrolling in two courses in the same academic year, the courses you are enrolling in for the second time is the one for which you pay the first instalment last.

You will be sent a form that you need to fill in, sign and returned by e-mail.

Enrolling simultaneously in two courses, one of which is at a different university

If one of the two courses is at a different university, students must anyway fill in, sign and send back the above-mentioned form to the  Student Administration Office of the courses to be followed at the university of Bologna.