Information for non-EU students residing abroad on how to apply for reallocation.

Reallocation to a degree programme at the University of Bologna, A.Y. 2018/19

If you are a non-EU student residing abroad who passed the Italian language test, but who did not pass the requirement assessment for your chosen degree programme or did not fall within the reserved quota of places, you may apply for reallocation to another degree programme, observing the following instructions.

  1. Check the requirements, methods and deadlines for admission to the degree programme you are interested in well in advance. You’ll be able to register for the degree programme only if you successfully pass the requirement assessment.
  2. If you are interested in a degree programme taught in Italian, you must pass the Italian language test or be exempted from it.
  3. Check the list of available places published on the Studiare in Italia website after 22 October 2018. In the attachments to this page, too, you can find a list of available places for degree programmes of the University of Bologna. Don't forget to check the notes, too.
  4. Make sure, through the “dichiarazione di valore” (Declaration of value), that your qualification is valid for the new degree programme you have chosen. The final  qualification check will be done by the Student Administration Office at matriculation.
  5. Within the 26th of October 2018 fill in and submit the reallocation application form along with all the documents required by the International Desk of the University of Bologna. Important: the signature on the form must be handwritten, legible and complete; it has to include your entire name and surname as shown in the enclosed copy of your passport or identity document, in the Latin alphabet.
  6. If you pre-enrolled at another university but you wish to be reallocated to a degree programme at the University of Bologna, your application must include the certificate listing the tests you passed at the original, pre-enrolment university. Please remember to send a copy of the application also to the university where you pre-enrolled.

A board will assess the applications submitted by students requesting reallocation to degree programmes at the University of Bologna. The list of accepted reallocation requests is available in the attachments to this page. Students who are reallocated to available places will be allowed to matriculate only after they have been admitted to the chosen degree programme.

Reallocation to a degree programme at another university

If you pre-enrolled at the University of Bologna and wish to apply for reallocation to another university, you must submit the application to the university you wish to be reallocated to, using the forms drawn up by the other university. You must also send a copy of your application to the International Desk of the University of Bologna.