Final examination

To graduate from a First Cycle, Single Cycle or Second Cycle Degree Programme, you must pass a final examination to verify that you have achieved the learning objectives of your study programme.

For degrees awarded after three years of study, the final examination may be oral, written or practical.

To graduate from a Second Cycle or Single Cycle Degree Programme the final examination consists in producing a dissertation on a topic that is consistent with the learning objectives of the degree programme, drafted in an original manner under the guidance of a supervising professor. The supervising professor will monitor and support the student's activities and ensure the suitability of the dissertation for presentation, as well as its originality, also using computer applications. The dissertation must be discussed publicly during a final exam session in front of the Examination Board.

The Board will assess the candidate's overall performance – dissertation, curriculum, time taken to complete their studies, transfers from another University or another programme – applying specific rules for each Degree Programme.
The Board expresses its assessment with a grade out of one hundred and ten. The exam is deemed to be passed with a minimum grade of 66/110 and a maximum grade of 110/110. In the case of granting a maximum grade, the Board may also grant honours (lode) by unanimous decision.

Degree average score

See information on how to calculate the degree average score based on your study programme.

Graduation application and deadlines

To be admitted to the final examination, you must have completed all exams or, in any case, obtained all the learning credits required by the teaching regulations, and must have regularly paid all your tuition fees, including any late payment fines. The Student Administration Office will check your details before admitting you to the final exam.
To submit your graduation application online, you must access  Studenti Online before the deadlines indicated on the website of your Degree Programme, for both the application submission and the for the possession of requirements.

If you submit your application with delay you may have to pay an additional amount of € 100 depending on your Degree Programme. Please check the information on the relevant website.

Following the instructions provided on your Study Programme websites, upload your dissertation on Studenti Online; it will be conserved in the Emilia-Romagna regional archive system (ParER). Each School sets the process and final date for the submission of on-line applications.

The schedule with the final dissertation and proclamation dates, as well as the dissertation editorial rules, are published on the website of your Degree Programme.

Information regarding tuition fees and enrolment for students who intend to graduate by the final exam session of academic year 2021/22.

Final dissertation

Final dissertations and graduation ceremonies shall be held in person. The possibility of attending exams remotely is anyway guaranteed.

The dissertation discussion can take place remotely for:

  • students who are unable to travel due to force majeure;
  • students domiciled abroad, who have been admitted to the final exam/remote discussion of their dissertation, where envisaged, for courses that award double or joint degrees;
  • students who are serving prison sentences.

Degree certificate

Graduates will receive their certificate directly at the correspondence address (domicile or residence) registered on Studenti Online. All students are invited to carefully check the address used in the graduation application and, if necessary, amend it. Any errors could cause serious delays in delivery.

The certificates will be sent at the expense of the University within four months from the final date of the graduation session in which the degree was obtained. In any case, it is possible to obtain a degree certificate even a few days after the final examination.