Minor Learning from data

Degree programme

Academic Year 2021/2022
Code 5871
Type of access Restricted access - entrance exam
Place of teaching Bologna
Language Italian

Admission requirements and assessment of previously acquired knowledge/competences

Enrolment in any second cycle degree programme or single cycle degree programme from the third year onwards, except for those activated by the Departments of Management (DiSA), Economics (DSE), Statistical Sciences (STAT), Computer Science and Engineering (DISI). Further information on how to access will be available in the call for applications.
Restricted access, 50 places available.

Programme profile

The Minor offers an interdisciplinary programme that proposes a culture of knowledge based on the understanding and communication of data. The topic is part of the so-called “data literacy”. Aimed mainly at students from degree programme with quite different subjects, who however appreciate the importance of being able to read data and extract information and knowledge as a way of complementing their learning programme.

More information

Publication of call for applications: you can find the call on this website

Enrolment starting date: December, 2021

Lesson period: second semester, a.y. 2021/2022

In order to apply for the Minor you need to access the website SOL - Studenti Online

We inform you that we have published the activity 98062 - DATI PER INFORMARE LESCELTE POLITCHE E SOCIALI's class schedule at this link

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