Minor Journey through space and time

Degree programme

Academic Year 2021/2022
Code 5849
Type of access Restricted access - entrance exam
Place of teaching Bologna
Language Italian

Admission requirements and assessment of previously acquired knowledge/competences

Enrolment in the a.a. 2021/22 in any second cycle degree program or single cycle degree from the fourth year onwards.
Restricted access, 40 places available.
Call for applications.

Programme profile

the Minor offers an interdisciplinary approach that connects art, architecture, astronomy, philosophy, physics and mathematics, giving students the confidence to operate in different contexts. The main topic – spacetime, in science and humanities – is the element that brings together all the disciplines involved and will provide, through connections and interdisciplinary links, answers to many of the great questions at the basis of our culture.

More information

Publication of call for applications and enrolment starting date: 30 September 2021
Lesson period: from Feb 21st, 2022.

The schedule is available at:

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