1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering

Degree programme

Programme type 1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 9250
Degree Programme Class L-8 - Information technology engineering
Years in which the programme is being held I
Type of access Restricted access
Place of teaching Bologna
Degree Programme Director Lorenzo Marconi
Language Italian

Programme profile

The specific learning outcomes of the degree programme in Mechatronic Engineering are to train professionals with marked operational abilities and a sound basic preparation in the information and industrial engineering fields, who are capable of filling technical-operational roles in the design, management and maintenance of low-medium complexity systems that integrate IT, electronic and mechanical components. It follows then that the Mechatronic Engineer, as opposed to others from the class of Information Engineering, must possess good interdisciplinary knowledge in the IT, electronics and electrical and mechanical engineering sectors.

The curriculum envisages to basic learning activities in the first year, one on Mathematical Analysis with elements of linear algebra and calculus and one on Physics, that provide the fundamentals needed to continue the period of study and address mechatronic engineering in greater depth. The course units typical of mechatronics (Automation, Electronics, Electrics, IT, Mechanics) are presented subsequently, involving extensive laboratory work. In the third year, students can complete their preparation with a clear "industrial" or"ICT” focus, or with a mix of competencies and project work. Ample room is reserved for internship activities, which include a course on occupational safety (suitable divided between general safety training and specific training), project work that provides an industrial overview of all the firms involved and a company internship that awards 51 university educationalcredits.

The programme catalogue is completed by an English exam at B2 level.

Access to further study

It gives access to second cycle studies (laurea specialistica/magistrale) and master universitario di primo livello.