Single cycle Degree/Combined Bachelor and Master in Law

Degree programme

Programme type Single cycle Degree/Combined Bachelor and Master
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 9233
Degree Programme Class LMG/01 - Law
Years in which the programme is being held I, II
Type of access Open access with assessment of basic knowledge
Place of teaching Ravenna
Degree Type Double/Multiple degree
Degree Programme Director Giorgio Spedicato
Language Italian

Programme profile

The degree programme is structured to ensure thatstudents acquire a legal foundation and knowledge, at national and Europeanlevel, of the basic tools needed to update their knowledge, partly by theanalysis of historical information that enables legal institutions to beassessed in the light of their historical evolution. With support from seminarwork, students acquire specific skills and the ability to interpret situations,partly via the application of case study methodologies and techniques that addresstopics helpful for the understanding and evaluation of legal principles andinstitutions.

Following a common first year for all students, the nextfour years present a mix of mandatory, semi-mandatory and optional course unitsoutside of the established learning path, that enable students to follow theirown inclinations and interests. The final year, in particular, comprises anumber of optional course units selected from a broad range, some taught inEnglish, as well as the possibility to carry out curricular internships orother elective activities, such as participation in seminars or summer schools,using the unassigned credits available for this purpose.

The above activities provide the institutional trainingrequired for access to the traditional careers, such as notary, lawyer ormagistrate, as well as the guidance needed by graduates entering the world ofwork in the private or public sectors or in the public administration.

The degree programme offers the possibility of studyingabroad, on such exchange programmes as Erasmus or Overseas, or in order toprepare the final dissertation. The supplementary course units available allowthe student to obtain a single-cycle degree in Law combined with a foreigndiploma.

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Course duration and attendance
The 2nd cycle degree programme in Law covers a period of 5 years. The attendance certificate (the right to take the exam) will be issued by the office: this means that the course does not require attendance, although it is recommended, since it allows for a more comprehensive preparation and facilitates passing the final examination.


The University of Bologna's School of Law has stipulated an innovative - the onlyone of its kind in Italy - cooperation agreement with the Dicskon PoonKing's College of London considered as one of the most prestigious universitiesin the world.
According to the agreement, 10 students enrolled in the Long-Cycle Degreeprogramme in Law in Bologna will be able to complete their fifth year at theDickson Poon School of Law in London, where, sitting for three examinations andcompleting the long dissertation, they will be awarded of LLM(master) degree.

The School has entered an innovative cooperation agreement with Tilburg University, reputed to be one of the top world universities.Thanks to the prestige of his Institut Fiscaal, the University of Tilburg has become a reference point for International Tax Law, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe, in particular for the strong partnerships with the European network of the Association of Tax Law Professors and with the European School of Advanced Fiscal Studies.The LLM for Bologna's Master degree program students is the one on International Business Tax Law, which represents a synthesis of specific knowledge in International Taxation and professional experiences with direct relationships with professional Dutch firms and with the Price Water House Cooper. Under the Agreement 5 students enrolled on the Single-cycle five-year Law degree programme at Bologna may attend the fifth year at Tilburg University, where they will attain the the International Business Tax Law LLM qualification.
On their return the exams passed in Tilburg will be counted by the School as replacing the optional exams on the Italian schedule, while a translation of their dissertation may be used to prepare the Italian degree dissertation.

Expected learning outcomes

Access to further study

2nd cycle Law Degree givesaccess to third cycle studied: Phd Degrees and Graduate Schools (institutions organizing post-graduate courses) and Master. Inparticular, the Specialization School for Legal Professions " E. Redenti"established by law, issues a Postgraduate Diploma, computed as a 1-year periodvalid for the completion of the training period for access to the professionsof Lawyer, Notary and Magistrate. TheSchool of Postgraduate Studies on Public Administration organizes courses which can provide expertise in method and content necessary for professionalsin the field of administrative law and general studies on public administration.
The graduate will be able to enroll in one of several Master's Degree organized by the School of Law and by other schools (you should refer to the admission requirements provided for in the course of interest) . Masters are post-graduate courses in advanced scientific and high permanent or recurrent training in the reference field .

Career opportunities

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