2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master in Semiotics

Degree programme

Programme type 2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 8886
Degree Programme Class LM-92 - Communication
Years in which the programme is being held I, II
Type of access Open access with assessment of personal competencies
Place of teaching Bologna
Degree Programme Director Cristina Demaria
Language Italian

Programme profile

The 1st cycle degree programme in Semiotics helps to acquire in-depth knowledge of the most significant languages and sign systems used in the contemporary communication world and cultural industry.

The curriculum includes course units divided into three main areas:

(1) general theory, allowing students to apply the fundamental theories and concepts of generative and interpretative semiotics to contemporary social and cultural processes, as well as the fundamental theories and concepts of the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind and contemporary linguistics to languages;

(2) methodology, allowing students to apply the methodologies of semiotic analysis to scientific, journalistic, narrative texts, visual texts (advertising, painting, photography, etc.), audiovisual and multimedia texts, social and cultural practices, bodily practices and personal interaction;

(3) practical application, allowing students to design and create texts (scientific, journalistic, narrative, advertising campaigns, audiovisual and multimedia texts) in various media and communication fields using semiotic-linguistic concepts and methodologies.

Particularly in year 2, ample room is dedicated to the analysis of concrete case studies taken from professional and working situations.

In year 2, students have the possibility to perform curricular internships in businesses, organisations, public administrations, offering them direct contact and experience with the professional environment with a view to future professional activity. Great importance is paid by all teaching staff of the degree programme, particularly those on the Internship Board, to the educational relevance of the internships performed by students in businesses and public institutions.

Access to further study

It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato di ricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master universitario di secondo livello.

Career opportunities

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