1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor in Statistical Sciences

Degree programme

Programme type 1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 8873
Degree Programme Class L-41 - Statistics
Years in which the programme is being held

1°year, 2°year, 3°year

Type of access Restricted access

Curr. Economia e impresa

Curr. Bio-demografico

Curr. Stats&Maths

Place of teaching Bologna
Degree Type One or more curricula provide double/multiple degree
Partner Universities UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW
Degree Programme Director Lucia Pasquini
Language Italian, English

Programme profile

The 1st cycle degree programmein Statistical Sciences aims to train junior experts and technicians able towork professionally in the statistical field, and build, manage, process,analyse and interpret data in various areas to produce the knowledge requiredto support decision-making processes in private and public bodies in which thestatistician works.

The programme offers three curricula, allof which cover the basic methodological tools used in statistical,probabilistic and mathematical fields. Great importance is paid to the study ofthe appropriate computer tools used to manage information and data. This basictraining, common to all curricula, provides the professional skills required totechnically support the design, analysis and solution of complex problems inconditions of uncertainty. The basic training is subsequently used in each ofthe curricula to apply specialist tools developed in bio-demographic,business/economic and statistical/mathematical fields. The theory and practiceof these topics are further studied in course units in social, health, economicand business subject areas.

The learning outcomes are achieved usingteaching methods that include theoretical study, workshops and the practicalapplication of the concepts learned. During the study programme students arealso encouraged to perform curricular internships offering direct contact withthe outside world.

Students enrolled in thestatistical-mathematical curriculum also have the chance to take part in anexchange programme with the University of Glasgow, leading to a Bachelor withHonours in Statistics issued by this university in addition to the degree inStatistical Sciences.

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Access to further study

It gives access to second cycle studies (laurea specialistica/magistrale) and master universitario di primo livello.

Career opportunities

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