2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master in Library and Archive Science

Degree programme

Programme type 2nd Cycle Degree/2 year Master
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 8838
Degree Programme Class LM-5 - Library studies
Years in which the programme is being held


Type of access Open access with assessment of personal competencies
Place of teaching Ravenna
Degree Programme Director Paola Degni
Language Italian

Admission requirements and assessment of previously acquired knowledge/competences

To benefit by a second-cycle Master's degree programme in Book and Document Science one needs to have acquired:

- a basic knowledge of archive management, bibliography and library management, history and other subjects relating to books and documents

- basic scientific and technical know-how concerning the history and organization of libraries, public and private archives and management of book and document material

To join the Master's degree programme one must also possess one of the following curricular requirements:

1. a degree in one of the following classes, or another equivalent and suitable qualification gained abroad:

ex D.M. 270:

L-1, L-3, L-5, L-10, L-20, L-42

ex. D.M. 509/99:

5, 13, 14, 23, 29, 38

Previous four-year system:

Conservation of the cultural heritage; Disciplines of art, music and performing arts; Philosophy; Literae humaniores; Information Science; Communication Science; History

Three-year university diploma:

Cultural heritage worker

2. To have acquired at least:

18 credits in the subject area M-STO/08

6 credits in the subject area M-STO/09

Failing possession of a degree and/or the credits listed, a Committee will interview the candidate to see if he/she possesses the requisite knowledge.

The Committee appointed by the Degree Programme Board will set dates for interviews, to be published on the University Portal.

If the Committee judges the graduate's knowledge and skills to be compatible, it will issue a verdict of suitability, granting admission to the personal knowledge assessment.

Personal knowledge assessment

To be admitted to the Master's Degree programme one needs to possess the curricular requisites mentioned and pass a personal knowledge test, in the form of an assessment of one's CV according to criteria established by the Degree Programme Board and published on the University Portal.

The Master's degree programme may decide on a special session for international students and appoint a Committee to check the suitability of their academic background, if the Call for study grant allocation allows time (its deadline is usually in May).

Programme profile

The degree programme provides a highly specialised technical training in management and conservation of the book and document cultural heritage and of public and private document collections. As well as ensuring a solid knowledge of history, law and informatics concerning the handling and communicating of descriptive information, it provides the organizational techniques by which to design and manage complex information systems and direct institutions intended to preserve past books and documents. In its specific sectors (archive, book and document conservation) the training takes stock of current national and international research at the cutting edge of this academic subject. The programme contributes as a whole to the mastery of one EU language other than Italian, with specific reference to technical vocabulary.

The professional profiles in question cause the curriculum to be grouped into three learning areas which combine to develop a critical in-depth knowledge of the contents and history of the book, archive and document heritage; and likewise the legal, managerial and technical side to conservation, promotion and public enjoyment of the cultural heritage in the sectors covered by the programme.

The three learning areas are: 1. Specialist scientific know-how; 2. Legal and managerial methodology; 3. History of the book and document heritage.

Expected learning outcomes

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Access to further study

It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato di ricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master universitario di secondo livello.

Career opportunities

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