1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor in International relations and diplomatic affairs

Degree programme

Programme type 1st Cycle Degree/Bachelor
Academic Year 2018/2019
Code 8048
Degree Programme Class L-36 - Political science and international relations
Years in which the programme is being held I, II, III - Curriculum Scienze internazionali e diplomatiche
I - Curriculum Diplomatic International Sciences
Type of access Restricted access
Place of teaching Forlì
Degree Programme Director Marco Balboni
Language Italian, English

Programme profile

The 1stcycle Degree Programme in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairsprovides graduates with knowledge and skills in order to develop a professionalapproach to the analysis of institutions, socio-political and economic systems,the ways such systems interact and their historical evolution. It aims at providingcompetence and skills that :a) may be useful in public and private organisationsworking in a supra-national context; b) offer a solid foundation for thosewishing to continue studying.

Thecurriculum has compulsory core course units in each of the relevant learningareas, providing students with appropriate learning skills in order tointerpret and understand different topics such as social and political systems,institutions, or national and international specific events and phenomena.

For thesereasons, the first year of the programme and part of the second year coverrelevant disciplines offering together a multi-faceted l vision of the subjectof study, as its intrinsic complexity is not suitable for mono-causalexplanations. Therefore the core course units include law, economics, history,sociology and political science. Such contents and methods provide students withthe theoretical and empirical tools for analysing phenomena of interest in a comparativeand/or international dimension. The third year of the programme focusesspecifically on the international dimension, allowing students to choose from awide range of elective course units according to their own preferences,research interests and goals.

A series ofworkshops provide transversal competences concerning the methodological aspectsof social, bibliographical and legal research, the ability to criticallyinterpret sources, complex texts and diplomatic documents, as well as academicand other types of writing skills and public speaking and presentationtechniques.

Theprogramme also provides adequate foreign languages skills (not only English butFrench, Russian, Spanish and German). This is one of its quality features,providing students with a competitive advantage when entering the job market orcontinuing their academic career.

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Curriculum Scienze Internazionali e Diplomatiche

Curriculum Diplomatic International Sciences

Access to further study

It gives access to second cycle studies or first level of Professional Master's Programmes

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